Mobile Communications Platform

EYE-CONNECT provides a single platform which integrates all methods through which organizations seek to communicate and engage members across their enterprise.

The EYE-CONNECT software bridges common communications gasp within organizations; changing the way critical information is collected, disseminated, and managed through client tailored mobile applications and administrative dashboards.


Select Your Features

The EYE-CONNECT application can be configured to meet the specific needs of organizations within any industry. Allowing clients to choose from a wide range of features and functions

Choose Your Platform

The EYE-CONNECT solution can be deployed across a multitude of digital platforms. Whether it’s the mobile app, the web dashboard and administrative portal,  or a custom solution connected to existing media, clients are able to choose how best to connect its users

Develop Your Brand

Regardless of the type of website you want to build or the features you want, you can almost certainly get the look and feel you’re after.

Explore Service Options

Optional add-on service for BETA ONE Solutions to assume all the operations and administrative tasks associated with EYE-Connect is ideal for smaller organizations who lack the in-house staff to effectively manage users and data.

Always-On Communication

No more waiting for the reports to print out.  No more not finding your reports.  Check-in when you need to.  Communicate directly with those who are in charge.  Modernize your labor forces communication without having to retrain or revamp your IT department.

  • Report Safety and Security Concerns
  • Submit Anonymous Tips
  • View News and Announcements
  • Document Center 
  • Resources & Contacts
  • Notification Center
  • Access Record Database
  • Send Notifications to specific users, user groups, or based on user location
  • Receive tips, concerns or feedback directly from users
  • Manage locations
  • Create Custom Reports and Forms
  • Post News and Announcements
  • View/Edit  User Database

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